Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is There A Difference Between Eye Creams And Face Creams?

A lot of women wonder if it's necessary to buy a separate eye cream when they're already using a high-quality face cream. Some even say that eye creams are just smaller versions of face creams but with a higher price tag. What do you think, is there a difference between the two?

This is one of those questions that will be the subject of debate for many years to come. And frankly, I believe the answer can vary depending on the skincare line you're talking about.

For the most part, under eye products and facial treatments are a bit different. They often contain many of the same ingredients but in different quantities and formulations. Sometimes an eye formula will be more concentrated or specifically made for unique problems that occur in that area.

Dark circles creams and under eye puffiness serums are good examples of this. Under eye circles and bags are not a face-wide problem - they are concentrated to the area of skin under and around the eyes. These formulas will naturally be different from facial creams.

Anti-wrinkle creams may be similar or even the same, but as mentioned earlier they will usually be more concentrated for use around the eyes. Another situation is that some ingredients are not appropriate for use around the eyes due to sensitivity issues. Certain ingredients should be kept away from the eye area to avoid accidental seeping into the eyes.

Should You Use Both Or Stick With Your Face Cream?

Everyone's skin is different - so it really depends. In general, younger skin is not going to require as many products. Simple cleansing, toning and moisturizing may be all that's needed when a woman is in her twenties. Somewhere along the way that will change.

As the skin ages it typically requires additional care. Serums are great for layering on first, just prior to a moisturizing cream. Special skin concerns such as dark circles and puffiness may call for an under eye product regardless of age. Although these problems commonly occur as skin ages, they can happen to anyone.

If puffy eyes and/or dark eye circles are an issue, consider using an under eye serum or gel designed specifically to treat them. It will only be used under and possibly around the eyes. Your facial cream will be used over the rest of you face and may also be applied over the layer of serum if additional hydration is needed.

Don't be afraid to experiment with under eye creams and serums. They can add a lot of benefits to your beauty routine without adding too much to your budget. Expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $75 plus for a high-quality eye serum. I consider this extremely affordable because with a good eye serum a little goes a long way - for example, a half-ounce bottle of THAT Eye Cream can often last as long as 3 months with regular usage. >>> CLICK HERE to give it a try (it's guaranteed!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Candid Hydroxatone Review - What You Should Know Before You Buy

A Quick Review of Hydroxatone

It's absolutely amazing how many anti wrinkle creams are for sale, these days. It's incredibly overwhelming. If you're trying to fight of ugly wrinkles, how do you know which product to choose? Well, the Hydroxatone AM/PM Rejuvenating Treatment might be a good place to start.

If you presently have skin problems, it's probably why you're looking into products like Hydroxatone. Fine lines, age spots and wrinkles are, after all, very annoying. Hydroxatone accomplishes all that by stimulating your body to make more of its own collagen and making your skin firmer, as a result.

There are other things Hydroxatone is good for, too, though. It can condition and hydrate your skin, for example. Aside from all of those uses, it can even protect your skin from damage caused by the sun. That all translates to great skin protection, not just fixing current problems.

What are the secrets behind it? The ingredients in Hydroxatone are all chosen for the best possible results. If any single ingredient was missing, it wouldn't work properly.

To begin with, there's a skin firming ingredient, Matrixyl 3000. It's a European-developed ingredient that helps your body make more collagen. The result is skin that has more strength and a healthier appearance.

Next comes Argireline, also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide 3, or AH3. AH3 is like Botox, but without the painful injections.. It relaxes your facial muscles if you just apply it to your skin's surface.

Last, but not least, there hyaluronic acid. It can reduce scarring, according to lots of people. It certainly does keep your skin moisturized. It is so good at moisturizing your skin because it is amazing at holding water.

It's also important to ensure the safety of your skin, of course. You need to know what you're applying to your skin. Luckily, Hydroxatone is completely safe. It has no harmful materials, like dyes and oils.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dermajuv Provides Multiple Anti Aging Benefits For Younger Looking Skin

Note: Dermajuv is now known as Dermagist.

Why an anti aging system like Dermajuv is on the minds of many women and men today...

Everyone is living longer, healthier lives, these days. That's a fabulous thing, most of the time. The trouble is that people are having to deal with more indications of their age. So, if you thought you were alone in your wrinkle removing quest, you're definitely mistaken.

Of course, we've all seen anti aging creams and lotions. In fact, you can't escape ads for the latest and greatest wrinkle creams, since they're on all the time. Although, not every wrinkle solution works, even if there are tons of them around.

The thing you need to be aware of is that you should be looking for a solution that does more than the average cream. For example, instead of just a cream, Dermajuv offers a whole system devoted to reversing signs of aging.

To begin with, there's the wrinkle smoothing cream. That cream acts just like a conditioner, hydrating your skin. Also,m though, it contains an ingredient called Matrixyl that helps your body to make collagen and to make more live skin cells. The process allows your skin to recover some of its elasticity, reducing wrinkling.

The next step in the process is the Dynamic Age Defying Serum. Like the wrinkle cream, a main ingredient is Matrixyl. The big addition is Renovage, though. Both ingredients work together to fight several signs of aging, including large pores, skin discoloration and wrinkles.

Last, but not least, there's the Instant Lifting Serum. It works almost instantly, thanks to the key ingredient, Sesaflash. The Instant Lifting Serum is also important because it allows the other parts of the treatment to work better, by pulling deep wrinkles to the surface.

Lately, though, budget is a major concern for many people. Dermajuv is really very reasonably priced, though. Together the three pieces are very reasonably priced, although they can cost around $80 each if you buy them separately. That's why it's best to buy them all together, especially since that's the way they work best.

Dermajuv clearly outdoes standard wrinkle creams. It contains the best scientifically proven ingredients. It's a bargain, too! So, how can you go wrong?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Anti Wrinkle Products - Do You Know Which Ones To Use?

Most women feel the concerns of showing signs of age, like wrinkles, as we get older. No matter how much we dislike them, it feels like we will have them forever. Besides just being there, our wrinkles even get deeper as time goes by. As a result, there seem to be anti wrinkle products popping up everywhere. Everybody wants to turn the clock back. It can be hard to choose between all the products, so it helps to look at some options, before you decide what to do.

It might surprise you to know that you could find great anti wrinkle product ideas around the house. There are many products in your home that have such dual uses, in fact. Water and baking soda, for example, can be two of your best friends in the fight against wrinkles.

As human beings, we can't live without access to water. So, it's obvious that, if you don't drink enough water, you're likely to have health problems, including poor skin condition. That's why drinking more water might actually help to improve your skin's health and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Baking soda, although it also helps your skin, doesn't work in the same way that water does. Baking soda can be used to exfoliate your skin's surface. Exfoliants like baking soda remove blackheads and other waste from the surface of your skin.

You might feel like you need a more in-depth treatment for your wrinkles than just home remedies, though. As far as common wrinkle treatments go, collagen injections are fairly popular. Although, you may want to think about starting out slower with a mask or a cream.

Of course, finding the best anti aging cream isn't going to be easy. That's because there are hundreds of options. Products with a clear reputation for success are probably good ones to place on your short list. Another thing you could try is asking your friends what products they have found that helped them. With a little patience and time, you should be able to find one or more anti wrinkle products that work well for you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Secrets

Even the youngest-looking woman needs a quality anti wrinkle face cream at some point in her life. Some need it sooner while others need it later, but it's something that simply cannot be avoided. But how can you choose the best anti-aging product for you with so many anti wrinkle creams available on the market?

Be sure to assess your skin's needs before shopping for anti wrinkle creams. With so many kinds of serums, lotions and creams, it's easy to pick one that's not right for your skin.

As an example, if your skin is on the oily side, a rich, heavy wrinkle cream is likely to cause your skin to break out. Conversely, if you suffer from a dry skin condition, a lotion may not even make a difference in your skin's condition. Some skin treatments are designed for a specific problem while others try to address a number of concerns. Make a determination about what your skin requires before making any decisions.

You should also be certain you have the basics of good skincare down. Cleansing your face twice per day along with consistent use of sunscreen are among the best things you can do for your skin. If you don't follow healthy skin care habits each day, an anti aging cream won't be work as well.

At the point where you're ready to pick an anti aging solution, you should know that there are two basic choices along with numerous variations of each. One option is to choose a system with products focused on each individual skin issue you have. Another option is to use a product formulated to attack several signs of aging with a single solution. As you might expect, there are advantages to each.

One of the best features about using a system of products is that you can select only those products you need. Early on you may only need to address a couple of aging issues. But, as time goes by you might find yourself using dozens of products day in and day out. Not only does this get expensive, it also requires a huge time commitment for applying each product on a regular schedule. Nearly every prominent skin care line includes several products that, when combined, form a skin care system.

All-in-one formulas, on the other hand, attempt to provide a wide range of anti-aging benefits using a single cream or serum. A few live up to their claims while others fall short. One of the new products, LifeCell wrinkle cream, stands far above the rest. With a single tube of anti aging cream you can attack wrinkles, get younger-looking eyes, plump up your lips, firm up sagging skin and lighten age spots. If you like the idea of a single formula, this is the one to try - especially while they're offering a completely risk-free trial.

Not every anti wrinkle face cream will work for everyone. Take plenty of time and find one that seems to match your needs. And for extra buying security, give preference to those with a strong refund policy. Good products are never afraid to offer generous guarantees.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ultimate Anti Aging Treatment

Does having an effective anti aging treatment mean going under the knife or subjecting yourself to injections of toxins into your face? While it's not as simple as buying the latest and greatest anti wrinkle creams, there are some basic ways to look and feel younger without resorting to invasive procedures.

Looking and feeling great requires that you eat nutritious foods, get plenty of exercise and sleep between 7 and 9 hours each night. Not only are these 3 components crucial to good health, without them you will never look your absolute best. The best part of this beauty routine is anyone can do it and it's completely free.

Why is a healthy lifestyle so important? There are many reasons but generally speaking, your skin is a reflection of what's going on inside your body. If you suffer from poor health for any reason, it almost always shows up on your skin. Even temporary problems such as lack of sleep or stress make your skin look tired and aged.

Even though it's not always easy, establishing and following a set of positive habits is the best investment you can make in your appearance. Of course, your overall health will benefit as well.

Simple Anti Aging Skin Care

Don't forget about the role skin care products play in your appearance either. In fact, if you choose them wisely, you can look years younger and never undergo cosmetic surgery of any kind. You just need to have a good regimen based on an effective product and be consistent with using it.

One of the most important skin care steps for everyone is facial cleansing. You should wash your face each morning and every night before bed without fail. Use a cleanser designed for your skin type and avoid harsh soaps or detergents. Cleansers intended specifically for the face should be used.

For most people under 30, a light sunscreen and moisturizer is likely the only other treatment necessary. Oily skin types may need specialized formulas depending on their tendency to develop acne. However, once you've reached your thirties, anti aging skin care should be your primary concern. And you'll find, if you haven't already, there are hundreds of products and formulas designed to tackle a number of aging skin concerns.

One of the better options available is a product called LifeCell - it's an all-in-one anti aging treatment formula that attacks all the signs of aging with just one cream. It's such a good choice because it eliminates the need for all those other skin care products designed for a single purpose. Most people have more than one skin issue and need to buy several different products. Often, an entire skin care line is needed and you can literally end up using a dozen or more different products every day. Why do that when a single cream does everything?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Psst... LifeCell Anti Wrinkle Cream Is The Secret Of Stars

Unless you've been actively searching the Internet for anti aging skin care products, you may not know about LifeCell anti wrinkle cream. And there's a good reason for that... there are a lot of people, including movie stars and models, who would rather keep it a secret.

You didn't really think celebrities always look perfect because of good genes, did you? They have beauty secrets!

Fortunately for ordinary folks like you and me, South Beach Skincare - the company behind Life Cell skin cream - decided to make it available to consumers through their website. But for now, it's still a fairly well-kept secret since you need to order it online rather than buy it at your normal skin care outlet.

Here's what's so special about it. Rather than using a dozen or so products to treat all the different skin issues you have, LifeCell treats all the signs of aging with a single cream... a really powerful combination of age-fighting ingredients designed to make you look at least 10 years younger. Many clients report looking 15 or 20 years younger than their actual age - it's pretty amazing stuff.

So, you're probably wondering exactly what this all-in-one anti aging treatment does. Here are just a few of the problems it addresses:

- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Crow's feet
- Feathering lines around the mouth
- Dark circles under the eyes
- Under-eye puffiness and bags
- Sagging skin
- Blotchy skin and age spots
- Thin lips

From the moment you start using LifeCell, you'll notice a difference in your skin. In fact, not only does it work to permanently improve your skin, it also provides temporary improvements you'll see right away. It's instant gratification at it's best while at the same time working on the long-term benefits for your skin. You'll look younger and feel better about yourself... and that's truly priceless.

Besides looking 10, 15 or 20 years younger, one of the best things about LifeCell anti wrinkle cream is that you don't need anything else for your face other than a good facial cleanser. You can throw out all that other junk and stop wasting your money. This one product can do it all. Find out more about LifeCell and how it can help you look 10 (or more) years younger here.